With our expertise, we can design and implement the perfect strategy for your business
Our holistic approach drives success. It's what we do.

Pay-Per Click Marketing

At Dunbar Group, we use a holistic approach and leverage both search and display to bring your brand to the forefront. Using keyword research and competitor analysis we focus on whatever goal you wish to achieve in the shortest time possible. Many goals can be achieved quickly by utilizing Google's smart bidding, and other tools. As a Google Premier Partner, we can also take advantage of new campaign types not available to standard accounts. Being a Premier Partner means we are a cut above the rest and Google recognizes that. We have specialty tools, techniques, and Direct Action Assistance from Google that a standard Google Partner does not. Don’t let your advertising be average. Expect more.

Marketing Expertise

One of the biggest barriers to achieving your goal is the refinement of your marketing funnel. Most people focus on their landing page and wonder why they are not hitting their target. At Dunbar Group, we use our 20+ years of marketing expertise and help you refine your funnel from landing page, right through to the receipt. The bottom line is this, at Dunbar Group, if you are spending advertising dollars, we make sure you are improving your acquisition process with that revenue.

Quality Score Experts

When it comes to Google, quality score is an area most people ignore, but not Dunbar Group. One of the first things we do is analyze your site using our 20+ point review system to ensure you aren't sending Google the wrong signal about your business. We have seen some of our clients drop their cost as much as 50% and increase their traffic as much as 300% just by going through our 20 point system.

Google Compliance Specialists

Compliance on Google is tougher than ever. And for good reason. Google's first priority is giving searchers a positive user experience. We will inspect your site/business to ensure you are compliant. Not only that, as policies change, we will stay abreast of these changes and make you stay well ahead of the curve. Also, in the event of rare sudden policy changes that lead to down time, we will work closely with Google to make sure you are back up and running, usually within 1 day.