Kevin Reynolds

Kevin is a multi-generational marketing expert, which is extremely rare. Growing up in an advertising and marketing environment, it gave Kevin an immersive experience from which to learn and grow.

Kevin grew to Specialize in brand strategy and Go-To-Market strategies, and went on to assist countless businesses achieve their desired levels of growth and beyond.

As the years went on, Kevin grew a deep passion for people, relationship building and marketing. Kevin then started and successfully ran Reynolds Ad Group along with his brother Brian for many years.

Kevin also went on to author a kindle book entitled, “Grow Your Business in the Age of Millennials: A Guide to New Marketing Techniques”, where he shared many of the unique marketing tactics he had learned to date.

Kevin joined Dunbar Group as the next step in helping even larger brands grow their web presence.

Kevin lives with his wife and two children in a suburb outside Chicago. In his spare time Kevin enjoys lifting weights, hiking, and a mediocre round of golf.