Peter Dunbar

Peter has been an online marketer since 2001, and began using AdWords (now called Google Ads) in 2005. Peter specializes in the Google Display Network and is highly regarded as one of the World’s top experts in this regard.

He has spent upwards of $60 million on the Google network, and has worked with others who have spent well over $300 million collectively. He also has extensive experience in media buying and has managed accounts that have had in excess of $1 million per month in ad spend, and well over $100 million spent historically.

His unique talent for marketing, funnel optimization and company growth strategies have contributed directly to his past successes.

He co-founded a past software company to fortune 5000 status and $11 million in gross revenue in just two short years, and has also helped countless other entrepreneurs take their companies to high levels.

His drive for success has helped Dunbar Group LLC become a Google Premier Partner within just 2 short years.

Due to his expertise and past successes on the AdWords platform, Dunbar Group LLC now has an assigned team from the Google NYC office driven to help grow accounts and campaigns to even higher levels through strategic planning, back end tools and more.

Peter lives in Glover, Vermont with his wife Renee (co-founder) and their two children. In his spare time he enjoys sports, spending time with his family, and also playing the guitar.